Monday, November 15, 2010



Most people look forward to Saturdays because its their time to rest, relax and take a break from school, work or whatever people are busy with. But for me, i look forward to my Saturdays because I go to class. Yes! Every Saturday, with my heavy backpack, rulers and sewing machine, I commute to Makati for my fashion classes at DFW, which unfortunately has come to an end. I didn't got the chance to take pictures during my Pattern Drafting 1 class with Jojie Lloren because i was so busy finishing my patterns but I have pictures during my Basic Sewing class with Pidge Reyes. See pictures below. 

Jackie while working with her canvas bag

P1100801 Hanz while working with his reverse appliqué on a maong shorts 

my classmates: Mhin, Jackie, Melo and Hanz (Left to Right)

me with my classmates and with Hanz wearing his final project

me with sir Pidge

For the last class, we were asked to submit a final project and below is my "not yet/almost finished project,"  which is a very cute pillow.


DFW is really the best because with their 8-session workshops, I learned a lot and i enjoyed every session we had! (see previous post) I hope my mom would allow me to take Garment Construction for the next batch!



jestangan said...

I love your post!! So cute.. i miss you guys already. Looks like you had an awesome sewing workshop with Pidge! :)

jason said...

THANKS JES :D I miss DFW also! and I'll miss it more if I cant convince my mom :( but yeah had a great experience with pidge :D LEARNED A LOT!

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