Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Getaway at Laguna

What happened last weekend was an experience I would never forget in my lifetime. It was my first adventure as part of The Road Trippers (TRT) and we toured around some parts of Laguna. On our way to our first destination, we stopped by Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya atbp... to taste the fresh eggs they are offering.

First stop was the famous underground cemetery at Nagcarlan, Laguna, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery Historical Landmark, where the royalties of the olden times were buried. I didn't experience it first hand but they say that the underground cemetery is haunted.
After, we had our lunch at Kena'an, which is located beside the underground cemetery. It is relatively priced (P100 - P200) and their food are okay. Nothing really special about it.
Second stop, Bunga Falls. This is still at Nagcarlan, Laguna. You can actually jump at the top of the falls. I didn't try it but on my next visit, I would definitely would! :) 
The last stop for the day was the Church of Nagcarlang, still at Nagcarlan, laguna. I just love taking pictures of old churches mainly because of the feel and look it oozes. 
Then, we went to the resort at Majayjay, Laguna where we stayed for the night to rest for the day. I will be doing a different post for the resort so that's something you need to look forward to. The next day, the group started off at Taytay Falls. It is located at Majayjay, Laguna. But before we went down to the falls, I got caught up with a stall there that sells amazing accessories made from different materials. I really wanted to buy all of them (but I have no cash) so I ended up buying a necklace made from a snake bone and bracelets made from Rattan wood. 
On to the falls then! :) I would have never thought that Laguna would have such an amazing view. I was already in awe when we were walking towards the falls and when we got there, I was speechless with the beauty of the place, just beautiful! 
Next, we went to two churches, Simbahan ng Majayjay and Church of Lilio

We ended our 2-day adventure at Liliw, Laguna, the Tsinales (slipper) Capital of Laguna. The place offers a variety stylish yet cheap slippers, sandals and shoes.
Beacause of this weekend getaway, I had a total change in perspective when I talk about Laguna. Before, I only know the place for the outlets stores but know, I see it as a paradise. Experience it yourself! Have your family get together and outing at Laguna and you will surely not regret it.

By the way, a bit shout out to Gardenia Philippines for sponsoring this road trip. Without Gardenia, we wouldn't have survived the long commutes so thank you so much!



Bebencia said...

Hi. San Banda ung tindahan ng it log ni kuya?

Kirstz said...

Makapag weekend getaway nga din jan sa sabado, sana wag umulan. Sabay punta ng Nuvali. :)

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