Saturday, September 1, 2012


Milk tea places have been popping up here and there these past few years but only a few really caught my attention and my taste buds. A few weeks back while driving along White Plains, a milk tea place caught my attention (I am really digging their store design =D). Yes, it is Cobo. 
Cobo offers a wide range of drinks you could choose from and it is definitely priced cheaper compared to other milk tea places out there. I tried their signature Cobo Milk Tea and Mango-Peach Green Tea.
What I prefer with my milk tea is that I can still taste a little bitterness from the tea. When I ordered the Cobo Milk Tea at 50% sugar, I kind of liked it but I think if I made it at 25% sugar, I would have loved it. The Mango-Peach Green Tea is actually a great drink. It is more on the fruit juice kind of drink but because of the popping bobas that are mixed inside, it made everything perfect!
On my next visit to Cobo, I would love to try the snacks they are offering and the other drink I have yet to try.



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