Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ramen Bar

After wandering around the new mall along New Manila --- Robinsons Magnolia --- for hours, my family and I ended up eating at Ramen Bar because I love eating Japanese food and I have been nagging of eating there for months now. :)
Cheese Gyoza P180
It has the same ingredients like the usual gyoza but instead of steaming it, it is fried to perfection. It comes with a cheese dip that really adds up to the flavor of the fried gyoza.
Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping P165
The best Yakiniku Beef I have ever tasted so far! The rich flavor of the beef plus its tenderness really won me over. Though it wouldn't be bad to add some raw egg on top just to have a creamier feel to the whole dish.
R.B.S. #1 P380
Soy Infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago (soft boiled egg mariniated for 48 hours), naruto (fish sticks), nori (dried seaweed), negi (spring onion), chasyu (sliced pork) and kakuni (braised pork belly). 
Spicy Karaage Ramen P280
Spicy Shoyu Ramen topped with fried boneless chicken. I really love the addition of the boneless chicken with this dish. The only disappointment for me with this is that it wasn't spicy enough.

I could say that Ramen Bar is one of the best Ramen shops out there! Not just because of their great food but also because of their wonderful service to the customers. :) I would definitely be going back to their store to try out the other products they have to offer. You can visit them and try their authentic Japanese ramen at their 2 branches: Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, Eastwood mall and Robinsons Magnolia.



Anonymous said...

i wish i can have that dish.,.,,.its mouth watering for me,..,,.

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