Monday, July 16, 2012

Brown's: Home of the Chicken Roasters

Me and my family recently tried Brown's: Home of the Chicken Roasters. It is just a small place but if you are searching for an affordable place to hang out and just relax, Brown's is a great place for you! Brown's is located at Greenhills Town Center, Quezon City.
Roasted Garlic & Carrot Soup PHP80
Brown's Whole Chicken PHP220
Parmesan Potatoes PHP40
The Roasted Garlic & Carrot Soup is just ok for me maybe because I would like it more if it had little bits of bacon or something else in it but you should try Brown's roasted chicken. You don't need any sauce for you to enjoy their chicken as it is already tasty and juicy as it is. Being a cheese addict, I think the Parmesan Potatoes were really great. Overall, Brown's: Home of the Chicken Roasters is a great new place for you to try with your family and friends! You can check them out at Facebook and Twitter (see photo below).



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