Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen

For all of my life, whenever I think of Tagaytay, I always relate it to two (2) things. First, Taal Volcano (who wouldn't right!) and the second is its cooler temperature compared here in Metro Manila but thanks to my brother, now I have three (3) things ---- Taal Volcano, cooler temperature and BAWAI! Bawai, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, is a hidden treasure of Tagaytay that offers delicious dishes. They only take customers on a reservation basis because of its limited capacity. Below are the pictures me and my family tried on our visit to Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen. :)
Goi Cuon - Php185
Glazed pork and shrimp with vegetable fresh roll.

Bo Kho - Php305
12 spices, slow cooked beef stew with carrots (with rice)
Ga Kho Gung - Php285 
Spicy ginger glazed chicken with herbs and shaved cabbage (with rice)
Ca Nuong Xa Ot - Php305
Grilled lemongrass glazed dory fillet with julienned mangoes and cold salad (with rice)
Pho Bo - Php235
Traditional beef noodle soup

Of all the food that we ordered, my favorite is the Goi Cuon because with the simplest concept of fresh lumpia, its taste is very distinct and memorable. Bawai is definitely a must try and a place i would go back any time, not only because of its great food but also for its homey ambiance and excellent service. For more information about Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen, you can check out their Facebook account.



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