Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dr Martens Concept Flagship Store in the Philippines

Dr. Martens, a famous UK shoe/boot brand since 1960, is now here in the Philippines! The Dr. Martens concept flagship store, which stayed true to its original British roots with raw brick walls, warm wood flooring and furniture and fixtures that adds to the ambiance of the place and having the store contained within a solid steel shipping container at the very center of The Fort Strip Plaza, is just amazing! 
Seeing international brands --- Dr. Martens, Forever 21, Louis Vuitton and a lot more --- slowly penetrating the Philippine fashion scene is something I look forward to because it means more and more Filipinos are becoming conscious with how and "WHAT" they are wearing. Though as international brands get bigger here, let us not forget that we should support our own brands and designers as they bring a lot to the table. :)
Below are some photos from my camera phone during the Dr. Martens Launch:



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