Thursday, December 22, 2011

Converse Holiday Fun Fashion

Converse may be known for its shoes, but what many don’t realize is that a Converse store is simply a treasure trove of stylish products that can be pretty much cover you from head to toe!
HER: Longsleeves tee, P799.75; Shorts, P849.75; Shoes, P2390. 
HIM: Shirt, P699.75; Shorts, P1650; Shoes P3750.
HER: Shirt, P699.75; Jacket, P1499.75; Shorts, P1650; Shoes, P3150. 
HIM: Shirt, P699.75; Hooded Jacket: P1629.75; Blazer: stylist's own; Shorts, P1650; Shoes, P4390.

Converse brings a lot to the table this holiday season as they redefine sporty clothes to something fun and casual wear and by making layering the solution to your styling problem. With the right clothes and accessories, an eye for unusual combinations, confidence and a great attitude, you can work wonders with the simplest of styles. That's what Converse has to offer to this season!
HER: Pullover Shirt, P979.75; Scarf: stylist's ownBelt: stylist's own; Denim Mini, P1440; Shoes, P2550. 
HIM: Pique, P979.75; Blazer: stylist's own; Jeans: model's own; Shoes, P3150.HER: Shirt, P699.75; Jeans: model's own; Small Bag, P749.75; Shoes, P3150. 
HIM: Shirt P899.75; Belt: stylist's own; Jeans: model's own; Shoes, P2950.HER: Undershirt, P979.75; Shirt, P699.75; Layered Mini, P1440; Shoes, P2950. 
HIM: Uundershirt, P1669.75; Shirt P699.75; Jogging Pants, 1599.75; Shoes, P2390.



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