Sunday, October 2, 2011


ONE venue where around 150 influential bloggers gathered to listen to 5 minute presentations by companies from different fields --- fashion, gadgets, food, cosmetics, travel and many more --- fused into ONE big event, the first ever BLOGAPALOOZA!

The idea behind Blogapalooza is to connect businesses with bloggers and bloggers with businesses. As we all know, bloggers are the new media of this generation because of their big influence with their readers and visitors to their sites by sharing things like experiences with certain products, restaurants, gadgets and many more. And for the past years, companies organized blog events for bloggers to introduce their new product or service and to let them experience it as well. With these in mind, the organizers of Blogapalooza brought 40-50 businesses into ONE big blog event, an event not to miss! Below are the businesses that participated:

Lay Bare had a different twist in presenting their services, which is through a preschool type of presentation about the benefits of waxing rather than by plucking or any other ways. With their simple presentation, I got their message and maybe someday I would wax something off my body. :D Though my mother always go to Lay Bare so I gave to her the Lay Bare gift certificate I got. For more information visit or here.
360 Fitness Club has a very interesting take on exercising/working out with their Circuit Training Fitness Program. This program is a 30 minute, 3 times a week total body workout routine. For more information visit or
Human Nature is a 100% Philippine-made product that made recognition all over the world, which was started by Anna Meloto-Wilk, Dylan Wilk and Camille Meloto last November 2008. What's great about Human Nature is that their products are thoroughly researched to ensure the safety and for the benefit of the users plus the containers are recyclable, which help decrease wastes. Human Nature is guided with the principles of being PRO Philippines, PRO Poor and PRO Environment.
Photobooth with legs that's what BigK Imaging is all about. Now, you don't need to line up to get your pictures done during special events because the photobooth will come to you. Check out their website to know more: or
Galileo makes learning easier with their innovative ways of teaching difficult subjects to children like math (seen above). Galileo uses Singapore Math, a more understandable take to than usual x and y. They are located at Taguig and if you want to enroll your child or just check out the place, visit
I am totally loving Treehugger because the pens are really cute and above all, I believe in their Earth-saving writing instruments! :) If you want one, I always see Treehugger at Fullybooked branches. 
Fashion ART or FART was an idea conceptualized by the Andrada sisters, which now houses great Filipino fashion designers. FART offers a unique style that will definitely inspire you in many ways because when I first went to their boutique located at Kamuning, which was years ago for the media/blogger launch of a fashion group, FADAL Manila, that's when I started to love fashion and thus here I am with a fashion blog. :)

Laser Tag is a trending game in the Philippines because it is fun, extreme, and brutal but definitely safe for children to experience. They have 2 branches: Market Market and Alabang Town Center.

Lets bring the ballers back! Freestyle Ballers is the brainchild of Nathan Flores, a UA&P student, which actually just started as a entrepreneurial project and now a fashion statement! I LOVE THE SLAP WATCHES! Check it out
I am a huge fan of Golden ABC brands --- Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo, Regatta, Forme and Tyler --- because of the sophistication their clothes bring and we all saw how they managed to up their game the past years to a different league. Here's my coverage of Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo and Regatta last Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011.



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