Monday, September 19, 2011

My 1st Official Climb

I am a very adventurous guy. I like to discover and try new stuff, which I guess I got from my parents and my relatives because they are adventurous themselves. That is why when my friends --- Lian and Cherry --- invited me to join UST Mountaineering Club, I instantly said yes because I  believe that I have a fair share of experience when it comes to climbing THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT -____-" 

I never expected that I should train regularly just to climb and that I need to spend for a big heavy bag and other equipments for it but because I already committed to this new liking of mine, I got to do my part. And so I trained diligently, it was hard at first but I got the feel of running around UST. To cut the story short, I climbed my 1st official minor climb at Mt Talamitam at Nasugbu, Batangas with my 2 great friends and other mountaineering applicants. The whole experience was really tiring but I had the greatest time because of the people I am with and the fulfillment of reaching the peak after almost dragging myself up the mountain. 

The going down part was very tricky because the trail was very slippery and thus the falling and rolling scenario comes in for me but everything that happened was a great laugh for me and the person ahead and behind me. Can't wait for my next climbing experience with UST Mountaineering Club :)

Who says there can't be fashion with garbage? Well, you are definitely wrong! :) 

Special thanks to Conquer Outdoor Equipment!



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