Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Closeup Fire-Freeze

Closeup Fire-Freeze Poster
Closeup, one of the leading innovators of toothpaste, has once again launched another innovative product that you would surely fall in love with, the new Closeup Fire-Freeze. This toothpaste is a groundbreaking innovation by Closeup because it contains not just 1 but 2 gels working together for an intense warming sensation and a long-lasting coolness making Closeup Fire-Freeze the best in giving the ULTIMATE long-lasting fresh breath. But of course this should be tested to see if their claim that the Closeup Fire-Freeze really does give the ULTIMATE long-lasting fresh breath and so, several bloggers were invited to test the product.
While brushing my teeth, I felt this warm feeling, which is actually the red gel that gives a mild, warm feeling that thoroughly cleans the mouth of germs. This red gel contains Zinc Sulfate, a special active ingredient that kills odor-causing bacteria. Then after a while, on top of the warm feeling that the red gel is giving, I also felt this cool feel inside my mouth , which is the blue gel that gives the mouth an intense cooling sensation for long-lasting fresh breath. This blue gel, with a state-of-the-art, patented cooling molecule of Closeup, leaves you with an intense cold feeling that lasts for hours and hours. At this point, I was just amazed of the feeling of the warmth and coolness mixing up in my mouth but after playing laser tag which I placed 2nd btw :D and still having the same sensation, I was very impressed!
We got to know more of the Closeup Fire-Freeze after having dinner at the Stock Market and the best thing really is that after eating, I can still feel the sensation! Well, not as intense as before but still, its there! With other toothpaste brands that I have used in the past up to now, I never experienced anything like the Closeup Fire-Freeze has to offer. It is definitely on top of my grocery list!
Go now and grab a tube of Closeup Fire-Freeze at your nearest local supermarkets, groceries, department stores, and selected convenient stores and drug stores nationwide to experience for yourself the exciting sensation Closeup Fire-Freeze can give you.  It is available in 3 pack sizes: a 50ml tube at Php 37.90, a 100ml tube at Php 59.90 and a 150ml tube at Php 86.90. Comment below to share your experience with Closeup Fire-Freeze.
Closeup Fire-Freeze Pack Shot




Anonymous said...

I love this new toothpaste released by closeup! eversince i started using this, i feel like the freshness of my breath lasts for a really long time. amazing product!

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