Thursday, December 2, 2010

The BLUED Project


Staying true to the spirit of clean, casual, and classic looks, the local brand, BLUED, launched itd newest plan entitled “The Blued Project.” 


The campaign is a call for all university students to formulate an award-winning fashion design and marketing campaign for the brand. A team campaign will be chosen to represent each school, which will then compete for the coveted prize: a chance of a lifetime to land an on-the-job immersion in Blued Clothing, which will culminate with the launch of their very own Blued Clothing line for the season.



Blued was a product of a college thesis 19 years ago. Through their clothes, they're giving everybody the opportunity to re-live the excitement of college through its timeless and classic styles. “This time, we want to give the new breed of stylish entrepreneurs a chance to realize their fashionable dreams,” says Benzon Tan, President of Blued.

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