Sunday, March 3, 2013

Starbucks Coffee Perfection + Asian Dolce Latte

Starbucks launches the Starbucks Coffee Perfection 2013 to educate people that coffee is not just something served to you whatever comes out of the machine or press. It has its story starting from the growers, buyers, roasters up to the baristas and finally to your hand that is why Starbucks encourages you to make your drink however you want it, the way you would enjoy it!

Starbucks only serves a perfect cup of coffee and here are the things to look for in a perfect cup: smooth, rich, balanced, roasty and personal.

Coffee, just like wine or any other drink, has different kinds or blends that can be paired with different food. Amazingly, because Starbucks is good at what it does and that is making coffee, they paired certain blends of coffee to meals prepared by Tapella.

Bruchetta on tomato salad on slice of baguette topped with goat cheese and herb (L), and Chorize spread on slice of baguette topped with machego cheese (R) were paired with Starbucks Tribute blend, a spicy and full-bodied blend with berry and dark cherry notes.
Cold tomato soup topped with vegetables, and Grilled mixed peppers tower of salad were paired with Starbucks' new drink, the Asian Dolce Latte that is made of sweet dolce sauce combined with freshly steamed milk, topped with velvety foam and marked with 2 shots of rich espresso!
To briefly explain the story behind the concept of the new drink, Starbucks wanted to associate a type of coffee with Asia like when you think of espresso, it is linked with Europe and the same for brewed coffee with America. From this, Starbucks came up with Asian Dolce Latte, a drink I think suits the palette of Asians specially in the Philippines because we generally like anything  that is sweet. But with the shots of espresso poured in the Asian Dolce Latte, the sweetness balances out. The drink also comes in an iced form. NOTE: BEST NOT STIRRED to experience the foaminess at the top, richness of the espresso in the middle and the creaminess of the milk at the bottom! 

Cod fish cooked the Vizcaina way and paella (TOP), and Moorish chicken drizzled with almond sauce on bed of coursous (BOTTOM) were paired with Colombia, a smooth balanced coffee with a nutty flavor.

The mix of the coffee with the food was so good that the coffee brought out the the flavors of the food more but not to the point that it over powers the coffee. It was an awesome experience to pair coffee with meals and not just desserts or pastries. 

The Asian Dolce Latte will be available at all Starbucks Philippines store on March 5, 2013 at a price of Tall - P115, Grande - P130, Venti - P140 (for hot) and Tall - P125, Grande - P140, Venti - P150 (on ice). I think I found my new drink! :)



Krisella Chua said...

Have a great day!! :)

Miele CVA4075 Plumbed Coffee System Stainless Steel said...

I’ve never been this happy to find such an interesting post. I love those coffee tips there. It’s so helpful. I’m gonna try some ideas of yours.

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