Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grand Momma's Kitchen

Grand Momma's Kitchen is a relatively new restaurant located at the ground floor of Il Terrazzo. The concept behind the place is to have this cozy and homey ambiance matched with the food they are offering --- what your grandmother would normally cook or comfort food but with their own twist. For around PHP200-300, it is an okay price but I think they still need to improve their food in terms of its taste because I felt like there's something missing though I loved their chicken because of its hint of spiciness and the alfredo because of its creaminess. (see photos below)
 Grand Momma's Chicken Platter (with rice and side) - PHP 455 MUST TRY!

Mac and Cheese - PHP 45

 Sweet Pepper and Herb Rice - PHP 45

 Broccoli Alfredo - PHP 175 MUST TRY!

Ol' Fashioned Pork Chop and Applesauce - PHP 255

Smoked Baby Back Ribs - PHP 255

 Aglio Oglio - PHP 155



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