Friday, December 30, 2011

Pinkberry Philippines

Pinkberry, the number one tart frozen yogurt brand, opened its doors to the Philippines at Greenbelt 5 Mall last December 7, 2011. Pinkberry is premium frozen yogurt made with real nonfat yogurt and fresh nonfat milk. It is made with only with the highest quality ingredients and is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, resulting in a light, refreshing, clean and craving taste.
Front L-R: Original, Green Tea, Pomrgranate; Back L-R: Watermelon, Mango, Chocolate
With Pinkberry’s six distinctive flavors --- the signature Original flavor, a sweet and tart yogurt with a refreshing finish; Pomegranate, a bold and tangy flavor made with 100 percent California‐grown pure pomegranate juice; Green Tea, slightly sweet with earthy flavor note; a rich,indulgent  Chocolate; Mango, a fruity and light flavor made with authentic Alphonso mango puree for a soothing finish; and Watermelon, a crisp and refreshing flavor perfect for any season. --- you would surely fall in love with what it has to offer.
Customers can personalize every yogurt experience at Pinkberry with any combination of delicious toppings, which are all selected with the highest quality standards, whether it’s fresh fruit that is hand‐cut daily in‐store, organic gummy bears with no high fructose corn syrup, toasted crunchy almonds, 100% pure pomegranate juice, or rich, premium Belgian chocolate shavings to name a few.
Pinkberry brings not only the best with their products but also with the whole experience every time you visit their store --- from the interiors to its service to their yogurts and ingredients. 
Bloggers got invited to taste and try the Pinkberry experience with a game. We had to create our own Pinkberry Mix. This is what I came up with :) I chose the Pomegranate as my yogurt because of its sourness, which I love with yogurts, then I added some kiwi, strawberry, mochi balls, cheesecake and topped off with whip cream (also made out of yogurt) and a crispy waffle.
We also got the chance to try making their yogurt on a cone and I was successful with the "pouty peak" :D Look at what my brother's outcome (for comparison purposes ^^,)
Pinkberry also offers Fruit Bowl, Fruit Parfait and some delicious smoothies.
Most importantly, Pinkberry is a guilt-free pleasure!



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