Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nivea for Men Digital Wingman

The NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman is now your best dude ever – one who will give you timely bro tips about everything, every time. Man up and sign up to get all the latest information that will make you stand out from the rest of ‘em! Be a NIVEA man, like their Facebook page and use the Digital Wingman Facebook application to receive online alerts about male grooming coupled with NIVEA product suggestions that will suit your lifestyle. Now, you can have that swagger and confidence to attend events, movie premiers and parties, exclusively sent to you by your NIVEA Digital Wingman. To top all that, you'll also get bro tips on dating, latest gadgets and everything in between, so you can always be on your toes when anything goes! Just like your best bud, the NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman will never leave you hanging.
This application will post personalized tips of interest on your wall:

1. Grooming Guide
2. Events, Gigs
3. Restaurants, bars and recommended places
4. Gadgets, tips about OS systems
5. Health, Sports and other recreational activities
6. Travel



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