Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meralco: Ang Liwanag ng Bukas

Meralco, the largest electrical power distributor in the Philippines, with its new slogan "Ang Liwanag ng Bukas" had its very first bloggers night, a quiz night! The night was filled with fun as we were grouped with minimum of 3 bloggers per group, which is really not important to the story =P Huge cash prizes were given to the top 3 groups that scored the highest. Unfortunately I was not part of those groups but at least I had so much fun with my groupmates.

All the questions from the quiz bee was about Meralco and each group were allowed to browse to their newly improved website and their other social networking sites during the game, which is actually the main reason for the event, to make everyone aware of this improvement.
Their site is divided into 2 sections, The Company and For Customers. The Company is for the stakeholders and investors so that they are updates with the meetings, seminars, latest news about the company and many more while For Customers are for those who avail of Meralco's services. The For Customers section contains a quick link that makes it easy to access exclusive features the site has to offer.
One of the key innovation of Meralco is its Meralco Appliance Calculator or AppCal. It makes you aware of your costs with a particular appliance/s in an hour, a day, a week and a month and its impact to your monthly bill. With AppCal, you can now manage your electric bill anywhere. You can access AppCal through your desktop PC, laptop, android, ipod/iphone and mobile phones.
Meralco is also at Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.



Anonymous said...

Wow, I always saw Meralco as an old company, but now it seems that they are catching up with the times

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