Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yellow Cab Pizza is All Fresh & Natural

PROMO ALERT: In line with Yellow Cab's 10th year anniversary this year, on the 10th day of every month, they are giving away 10-inch NY Classic pizza for every purchase of their mouthwatering 18-inch pizza!

IMG_4573 I have been a huge fan of Yellow Cab since I don't remember when and it's mainly because of their delicious pizzas, which I think is really unique that you would know instantly with just one bite that its Yellow Cab, and of course their famous Charlie Chan pasta LOVE!. Well, yes their pizzas are a bit priced higher than some others but all the money you spend is really worth it because Yellow Cab is not just delectable, Yellow Cab is also ALL FRESH & NATURAL! They have achieved this because of their 10 years of partnership with Fonterra, Yellow Cab's provider of healthy creams, butters and their main ingredient, cheeses TO DIE FOR!
I always go in Yellow Cab with a smile and always leave with more than just a smile BIGGER SMILE & STOMACH :D and this time is no exception because I think they served almost everything on their menu for us to try including their dessert. I have tried their food many times before but I never seem to be sick of it specially my favorite pizza, 4 Cheese!
From Top to Bottom: Charlie Chan, Barbeque Chicken, New York's Finest, Dear Darla 
I also got the chance to go to their kitchen to see how they make their pizzas, from the dough, to the toppings then through their magic oven.
Four Seasons (4 Cheese, New York's Finest, Anchovy Lovers and Roasted Garlic & Shrimp) 
Plus, I also got the chance to make my own pizza, which is really that coolest part! I named my pizza, PEPPERONI OVERLOAD, which is actually just their NY Classic :) 
So if you are craving for some pizza but you want it ALL FRESH & NATURAL, just drop by your nearest Yellow Cab branch or call 789-9999 for their 24-hour delivery. 



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