Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tricia Garcia: MCA Music's Newest Musical Gem

Each person has their own simple ways in expressing himself/herself. For me, I normally express myself through blogging and through the clothes that I wear. Just like MCA Music Inc. newest musical gem TRICIA GARCIA with her debut album release, KULAY, that exudes a mix of colors and what they evoke, a collection of life's experiences and what lessons they leave.
“I love to paint as much as I love singing and writing music. As a child, I remember spending hours by myself drawing then playing piano and then writing my thoughts into poetry. This habitual refuge of mine through the years has helped discover myself as an artist and became an instrument to the making of my album.”
Setting a new trend in Philippine music, Tricia Garcia brings light jazz, a mixture of easy listening pop, and jazz. Trained in opera but influenced by mainstream jazz and blues, Tricia's voice soothes and captivates. It's as if this excellent artist--she plays the piano, guitar, and sax, and paints and writes poetry, as well--is singing for you and you only.
Tricia suits her title as the newest musical gem because of her beautiful and soothing voice. On top of her amazing voice, she is also a sweet and kind person it’s like I’m just talking to a friend :) and the first time I saw her, I instantly thought of Anne Curtis plus the voice of course

KULAY is now out in CDs under MCA Music with the carrier single, Tabing Ilog, originally by Barbie's Cradle. To download TABING ILOG as your ringback tone, just text ILOG to 2728 for Smart subscribers, KK196 for Globe subscribers and 5492283 for Sun subscribers. Catch Tricia as she opens for The Wild Swans on October 1 at One Esplanade and for Lenka on October 9 at the World Trade Center.



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