Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thermos Celebrates Health

THERMOS Philippines  --- celebrating health with their unique line of flasks and their new Premium Stainless Cookware. 
The Genuine Thermos brand has been around since 1904 and it is highly sought-after because of its sturdiness and its capability to retain the heat and/or coldness of your beverage for a long period of time.
With their latest addition, the Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware, it's now easier to cook your food and it is all because of its 5-layer design containing stainless steel and aluminum, which makes it conduct heat faster. The Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware also makes everything healthier because of its very unique lid that traps the nutrients of your food.
With Chef Nino Laus of NINYO Fusion Cuisine (at Katipunan), they demonstrated the benefits of using the Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware through a video recipe presentation.
clockwise starting from the top left: Wasabi Orange Chicken Tempura, Ninyo Style Vongolle, Beef Stir Fry and Coconut Wasabi Seafood Medley
winners of the Q&A portion



king del rosario said...

Thank you for coming to the event. Hope you can also be active in our Facebook and Twitter contests. Hehehe. See you in our future celebrations!

jason said...

To King del Rosario: You're welcome :D

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