Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swatch Interactive Billboard | Play Time

IMG_5018Everybody has a child in us that just wants to relax, play, have a great time and not to worry about anything. Swatch Philippines made this possible as it exhibits its new collection of watches, PLAY TIME, at the Swatch Interactive Billboard located at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5. You would instantly fall in love with what they did with the place as it just brings out that kid we knew we once were --- fun, exciting and adventurous!
The exhibit was in line with the new collection of watches, polka dot galore, which actually is their contest to the public on who can guess the number of dots in the room. The prize will be a playful watch from the Swatch Play Time collection! LOVE! I HOPE I WIN! :D Another contest for the wild and playful people out there, a photo contest on the most creative shot by yourself or with your friends inside the Swatch Interactive Billboard and you can send your entires to up to September 10, 2011. 10 best shots will be chosen for the 10 dotted Swatch watches. 
The exhibit also has some exciting games you could play around with like the dominoes, poker chips and the billiard table.



Rytz said...

September 8, T'was our 18th monthsary and Mama Mary’s Birthday. Me and Argee (my boyfriend) was strolling at G5 after attending the mass, looking for something fun to do. We first visited my officemates display of jewelries at L Manila and went in on every door we pass by. Then we saw this very cool room beside SWATCH with red, black and white dots in it. The kind lady asked if we want to check it out, so we did. The SWATCH INTERACTIVE BILLBOARD has games such as mini billiards, pin ball, poker, hula-hoop, big domino, etc. There's also a game for the best number of hula-hoop, coolest photo and guess the dots. I tried the hula-hoop but hips lacked practice (it’s been more than 15 years, c’mon!), so we took pictures in the room however our camera was keeps on shaking and my phone's camera doesn't produce good quality of pictures. So I took my chance to try to guess the dots. First I counted the dots on one watch (roughly 200) then multiplied it with the number of watches in the room. It's already around 2,000 dots plus the one on the floor, ceiling, walls and decorations. This will take a while and won't be fun anymore. So I scrambled our anniversary date (March 08=3/8) and our month of birth since we're both born in January of ‘85 (January=1) so I came out with 8130.

A week later, my sister came to Manila so I asked her to visit me in my office. We strolled at G3 then sat down and ate at Big Buddah. While eating, an unknown number called. And me being the paranoid one, ignored it until my boyfriend insisted of me picking it up. When I did and it was a girl from SWATCH! I run out of words and just said "Yes, I'll be there". I asked Argee to pay our meal and told the server that we will be back after 10 minutes. We rushed to G5 and there they all are Randy Santiago, his brother Ruel, Sam Pinto and the rest of the organizers. I didn't have time to freshen up due to my excitement so sabog sabog buhok ko when they took my photo. :) I can't believe it, I WON! =) It might not be a million pesos but still, I WON!! HAHA =)

Thank you SWATCH and the organizers of this event!

jason said...

@Rytz Congratulations for your win :) Have fun with your Swatch watch

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