Monday, August 15, 2011

Clear the Way to Total 3

I am very particular when it comes to the products I use for my body and my skin especially with my hair because of the evident signs of balding, which really depresses me most of the time GENES! :| but when I started trying out the New CLEAR Men, I felt more confident with myself because of the airy feel that I get from it that reduces the oiliness of my scalp and making my hair more suave.

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Like me,  the country’s most sought-after leading man, Piolo Pascual turns to New CLEAR Men to give him that ravishing style. Shiny, healthy hair that’s dandruff-free makes Piolo a standout and die-hard female fans would do anything just to run their fingers through his hair.

“It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can face my fans with confidence,” Piolo shared. “I don’t have to constantly check for signs of dandruff and falling hair, thanks to CLEAR Men.”
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CLEAR works where no stylist can go! It is specially formulated to zero in on the scalp where hair problems occur. If not nourished properly, the scalp becomes dry, itchy and flaky. Not only that; Hair lacks that shimmer and strength, making hair fall becomes apparent. For someone like actress Bea Alonzo who’s always in the public eye, being caught with dandruff is big no-no. Neither can she afford to have falling hair.

“I’ve had the chance to work with some of the best hairstylists in the country. Even with their expert help, it’s still different if you have healthy, manageable hair,” Bea declared. “Stylists can only do so much to make hair look its best in front of the camera. Good thing I have CLEAR shampoo who does the all the hard work for me.”
clear-women's range
Together with New CLEAR for Women, New CLEAR Men delivers the knock-out TOTAL 3 results that men and women look for in their shampoo –No Dandruff. No Dryness. Less Hair Fall for Women and No Dandruff. No Itch. Less Hair Fall for Men. CLEAR gives more that any other shampoo brands can offer that is why I choose CLEAR, you should too!

“It was CLEAR then, it is CLEAR now”, says Piolo. “Why switch? Dito na ako sa only shampoo that has given my hair and scalp all the best care it deserves”, adds Bea. 
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