Sunday, August 21, 2011

BLOG GIVEAWAY: Yellow Cab Gift Certificate

As ONEstyle hits the 15,000 page view mark, ONEstyle will be giving away some gift certificates worth P1000 from Yellow Cab to a lucky fashionista. So here's how to join:

1. Follow me at Twitter @jasonkingong and share this post! (with the hash tag #ONEstyle)
2. Like ONEstyle on Facebook
3. Join ONEstyle with Google Friend Connect
4. Follow ONEstyle at Networked Blogs -AND-
5. Comment on this post the reason why you love Yellow Cab.

The promo starts today until 11:59PM of Friday, August 26, 2011. ONE lucky winner will be chosen randomly, which will be announced the next day, August 27, Saturday.

NOTE: Only ONE entry per participant.

As easy as that, you can win P1000 worth of Yellow Cab gift certificates so JOIN NOW and SPREAD THE WORD!



Jing Javier said...

Hi Jays! Since I'm truly fond of fashion hehe and Aug. 27, is a very special day for me, ;) hope I win your blog giveaway 'coz ever since, I've really fallen in love w/ Yellow Cab's New York's Finest and Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta plus their 4 Seasons Pizza. :D


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joined GFC as Mommy Dharlz..

followed twitter and twitted..!/mommydharlz/status/105280780506378241

Aimee said...

Reasons why I love YELLOWCAB:
- Not only they have the best pizzas, I also love their pastas, especially their Chicken Alfredo. :)
- Celebrating my birthday in Yellowcab is never nakakasawa. Super bonding with friends plus good food is the best.
- It's also a nice place to study. Hehe.
- Oh, they also accept payments thru credit card even on delivery.
- And my money is worth the food they serve. :)

divine_viva said...

Did all the required.

GFC Name: divine_viva
Twitter name: vvaguilar

I love Yellow Cab because they have the best pizza in town!

Vivian Aguilar

Jen's Joyful Life said...

I Love Yellow Cab because they serve the best pizza here in the Philippines.

Karen said...

I love Yellow Cab because it is not an ordinary pizza. It offers great pizzas my family loves.

everyday doll said...

i love yellow cab pizza because of their variety pizzas for an affordable price :D

did all the steps! :)

Jacobin said...

I just love yellow cab. They're pizzas are just the way I want it - thin, cheesy, yummy! The ambiance is also great and they're prices are not bad. Your money is super "sulit" with Yellow cab. :>

If ever I won, I would celebrate my post 20th birthday at Yellow Cab with my family. :)

Twitter name: MakiUno

Jenn said...

I love Yellow Cab Pizza because whenever I think of it, it reminds me of priceless moments with friends - sharing happy moments, great laughs, and yes, awesome food.

Jenn Valmonte


GFC: Jenn Valmonte
Facebook: Jennifer Valmonte

luna said...

We love Yellow Cab coz even if boyfie is allergic to pizza and chicken, we still eat there! New York's finest and Hot Wings is <3

Calamba-Online said...

Ever since our family love Yellow Cab Pizza....We are excited to see that their branches will soon be here in Calamba right after our corner street...Yippeeeee!

akiakat15 said...

I love Yellow Cab Pizza simply because it offers great pizza using the best and finest ingredients no other pizza restaurant can do.

Lourdes Espanol said...

1.) Twitter Follower (kikayprincess02)

Twitter Post:!/kikayprincess02/status/105469554024660993

2.) Facebook Follower (Malou Espanol)

3. GFC Name (Malou)
4. Networked Blogs (Malou Espanol)

I love Yellow Cab because they have the best tasting pizza in town!

ehmmjhey said...

New York's Finest and Dear Darla are FTW. Can't have it anywhere but Yellow Cab.

I'm @ehmmjhey on twitter(^_^).

dendenguevarra said...

I super love Yellowcab because aside from the fact that they offer good food, I love the cozy and welcoming ambiance!


Mylene M. Calleja said...

I really love Yellow Cab pizza, one of the best pizza! Never failed to amazed my very meticulous palate, they make super perfect pizzas that really satisfied their customers. One of the most competitive pizza company in our country!

twitter link:!/Johndenise22/status/105512076839104513

fb shared:

gfc name: Mylene Calleja
network blog follower: Mylene Calleja
twitter name: @johndenise22
fb name: Mylene Magsino Calleja

rhozallino said...

I Love Yellow Cab because of their Pizza and Pasta. I love their Pizza because the ingredients is delicious and it taste good. the pasta creamy and delicious too.

Rhozallino Ramones

Twitter URL:!/jayramones/status/105512588821016576


Gratzel Redoble said...

i love yellow cab since it makes me feel that im eating real new york pizza :) the crust, the cheese, the toppings everything. i really do love pizza and yellow cab is on top of my list.

If ever i win i will definitely share it with my family :)

--followed u on twitter already.

*my twitter post:!/conGRATZELation/status/105512581766184960

Anonymous said...

I love yellow cab because its the best stress reliever and the sweetest way to enjoy catching up with your friends and loved ones after a day full of work(--,)

gfc:Ricalyn Sicad (calyn)
fb:Ricalyn Sicad
twitter: rsicad

ariane may said...

I love Yellow Cab Pizza because their pizza is uniquely taste!awsome flavor and the only reason why I travel for 2 hours to Cagayan de Oro is just to eat there!Its worth!

Followed the 5 steps
GFC Name: ariane may nalicat
facebook:ariane may nalicat


mary suzette martizano said...

followed the 5 steps!
gfc name:iitsmesuzette or mary suzette

facebook: suzette martizano

twitter: @setmartizano!/setmartizano

i love yellow cab cause their big pizza is so affordable compare to other pizza.

helen ramos said...

I love Yellow Cab Pizza simply because of it's different variation so yummy and budget friendly too.

mhoie1325 said...

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I sooo <3 Yellow Cab because they offer the best pizza in town. I also <3 their pasta & ice cream. Plus, their servings are big and even their regular size pizza is good for three persons. It's definitely worth your money! ^_^

PiLsToP said...

1. Followed you and retweeted. :!/indestructabl_e/status/105609490870714368

2. Like on FB : "kany vic perez"

3. Join on Googleconnect: "kany vic perez"

4. Followed on networked blogs

5. I love Yellow Cab because they never let me down whenever hunger strikes me! All there pizza Are awesomely Good at a low price!

Allen Michael Gurrea said...

Done the requested tasks. I love yellow cab because of their manhattan meatlovers pizza and the sizes of their pizza (biggg!). :)

jessa said...

1. Followed at Twitter (jessaacosta) and shared:!/jessaacosta/status/105619699823419392
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5. I love Yellow Cab because of their flavorful pizzas, my ever favorite Charlie Chan Pasta... just the right taste for my craving palate.

Crystal Cruz said...

liked and followed networked blogs with FB name Crystal Cruz

joined GFC as crystahal

followed twitter and twitted..!/crystahal/status/105629971459997696

shared on fb:

I want to win the Yellow cab because since I was pregnant I was always graving for pasta and pizza and the only resto that my tasteb been satisfied is with yellow joke!And when my baby came to the world she always looking for pizza too like me.hehe :)
Crystal Lagman

giay said...


1. Twitter follower: mommygiay
2. FB fan: Mommie Giay
3. GFC follower: giay
4. Networked Blogs follower: Mommie Giay
5. I love Yellow Cab because the name says it "they have great pizzas" and now they are building a new store just near our village entrance, hooray!


notyourordinaryteacher said...

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5. I love Yellow Cab because their pizza tastes awesome!

Merry Jane Ocol said...

1. Twitter follower: jingkring
2. FB fan: Merry Jane ocol
3. GFC follower: merry jane ocol
4. Networked Blogs follower: merryjaneocol
5. I love Yellow Cab because it is really memorable to me!!

aida said...


Followed on twitter: @slither1004
Followed via GFC: aida
Followed via Networked blogs: Aida Villanueva

Why I love Yellow Cab?

Simply because their pizza has a unique taste compared to all the other pizza chains in our country. Even though its crust is thinner, it sure is tasty! I like Yellow Cab although their pizzas are more pricey than other pizzarias.:)


Aida Villanueva

Tonski said...

follow you at twitter: n_alejo
gfc: nelson
network blogs via fb account

I love Yellow cab 'cause their pizzas are very delicious and tasty.
I love the crust 'cause it was just perfectly cooked and knead.

Cor said...

2. Like ONEstyle on Facebook - done
3. Join ONEstyle with Google Friend Connect - done corrine
4. Follow ONEstyle at Networked Blogs done cor ema
5. why you love Yellow Cab? Iba sya sa ibang pizza out in the market. Iba ang lasa at size nya mas malaki.

blankPixels of Certified Foodies said...

I LOVE Yellow Cab because of the size of their pizza. Very New York style. Reminds me of scenes from my favorite series Sex and the City where Miranda and Carrie enjoy huge slices of pizza with a tall cup of soda.

Plus, I love thyme on anything and the flavors and spices they use on their pizzas clearly made them my favorite pizza joint. I always go for their New York's Finest 'cause, well, it has everything on it! But, from time to time, when I really want to indulge, I go for their Manhattan Meatlovers.

(I think I've said too much... forgot this is a random thing LOL)

1. Followed you on Twitter as blankPixels
2. Liked your blog on FB as Mhel blankPixels Ignacio
3. Followed on GFC as blankPixels
4. And followed you too on Networked Blogs ^_^

Good luck to everyone joining! :)

bochog said...

I love yellow cab because it is the best.

Momee Gee said...

yay! simply because they've got the best pizza in town! :)

twitter: @kenge19


FB: Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino

GFC: gessa marie

NB: Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino

<3 <3 <3

Gessa Marie C

Pauline said...

Yellow Cab is the New York pizza at its best!

Twitter @paulineyanson

Pauline Yanson

Ria said...

I love yellow cab because i love eating pizza! most especially CALZONE <3 makes me feel im in italy :)

gfc name: Ria Armea
network blog follower: Angelica Romina Armea
twitter name: @riatequila
fb name: Angelica Romina Armea

majoy said...

I love yellow cab because i love pizza and i love color yellow and I love promo like this :)

thanks for this promo :)

shirleylim26 said...

I super love Yellow Cab because their foods are awesome and insanely delicious! Yellow Cab suits my Style!

mcristine said...

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5. I love Yellow Cab's New York Pizza and their chili pepper powder. I also love the look of their delivery bikes, they rock!

Perlita Fernandez said...

I Love Yellow Cab because it's DIFFERENT!!!

Networked Blogs:Perlita Fernandez

*mae* said...

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I love Yellow Cab because they serve the bestest Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and what more can you ask for from a company that delivers your lunch in a stylish Vespa! I love it!

Kimberly said...
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Lisa said...

- Follower on Twitter
- GFC Follower
- Networked blog follower
- Liker on ONEstyle Fan Page

Tweet post url:!/tayobong/status/106388849760014336

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I love Yellow Cab because their pizza's is sumptous, tasty, creamy and crunchy to the last bite. The pizza's are thick crusts with a lot of garnishings. Your full to the last bite! Yellow Cab rocks!

Twitter name - @tayobong
GFC name - Lisa
Facebook name - Elisa Quidlat

Email Add:

agnes mabel said...

1. Twitter:Following

2. FB: Liked

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4. Network Blogs: Following

5. I love Yellow Cab for its yummy pizza flavors. Yumyum! :)

Dorothy said...

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5. I love Yellow Cab because their pizza is yummy and I like their Charlie Chan's pasta!

jason said...

Thank you for everyone who joined :)

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