Tuesday, July 12, 2011

URBANEARS | headphones that fit your everyday life

I have been searching for the perfect earphones for my Ipod touch since my last one which I bought at a tiangge totally gave out on me. Well I only bought those cheap earphones because I can't live without music during my daily commute but before I could buy a new pair, I was invited to an event by Digital Walker at Digital Walker Cafe in Eastwood. Digital Walker launched a great line of earphones that fit one's everyday life, Urbanears.
Urbanears, with their legacy in design and functionality, supply the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it. This Sweden-based company is actually recent in the market launched last 2009 but because of its modern minimalist and retro look, it has been featured in numerous articles in publications such as Vogue and Elle. 

Urbanears have four (4) varieties of earphones you could choose from:

The BagisIMG_3802

Featuring earplug construction for direct sound and efficient noise reduction, the Bagis is a compact version of the full Urbanears experience. It features rubber housing along with a combined fabric and TPE cord to eliminate distortions caused by friction. As a bonus, each earpiece snaps together, allowing you to carry them around your neck when not in use.

The Medis
The Medis is an unprecedented experience in ergonomics and functionality. EarClick Construction secures the earpiece at two separate points rather than one, relieving pressure from the ear canal for a more comfortable fit while keeping it firmly in place.

The Tanto
The Tanto is constructed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance, and is adorned with a sleek and minimalist look. We designed it thinking you’d want the full sound experience in a lightweight and portable headphone made for everyday use—to be taken along wherever you go.

The Plattan
The Plattan is designed to be the perfect classic headphone with all the additional features that make it above and beyond what a static headphone would offer. It is a full size on-ear model with a rich secluded sound in a compact body. It folds down to the size of your fist and comes with a ZoundPlug, allowing for a friend to plug in and share your music.

* All Urbanears earphones come with a microphone and remote feature.

In the few days I have been using my Bagis, I can say that at Php 1,200.00, it is a great companion if you want alienate yourself with the busy world and just enjoy a great beat. Its stylish appearance of course is a big plus for me. My favorite though among the four is the Tanto because of its very minimalist look.

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